A fundamental part of our premium experience is in charge of our kind caregivers. All of them experienced in seniors care and selected through a demanding process. Our caregivers will perform a thorough health assessment as soon as you move in and develop an individual service plan tailored to your needs.


At Rioquinto we put health first, that is why we have an experienced doctor to provide constant support and care.


Our nurses are experienced and caring; they will provide 24h support in daily activities like taking vital signs, giving medications, performing assessments, and overseeing caring plans.


Our physiotherapists will assist with mobility and movement dysfunctions, pain management, falls minimization, and manual handling education.

Occupational therapist

Our therapist is focused on assisting the elderly through exercises and practices that allow them to develop fine motor skills and optimize their body functions. In order to promote independence and improve their way of operating in everyday areas.


Our psychologist is trained to provide leadership within care planning teams, serve as facilitator, provide clinical insight and guidance on strategies for addressing psychological needs and implementing behavioral supports for residents.


Our nutritionist will  assess patients’ nutritional needs, develop and implement nutrition programs and evaluate and report the results.

Social Worker

Our social worker focuses on counseling and advocating for our residents. He may also work with family members, counseling them and linking them to needed resources.